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User Guide
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Laboratory Hours
Weekdays: 08:30am-5:00pm
Evenings/Weekends: Appointments available

We are fully accredited with both UKAS 15189 and the CQC.

We can supply request forms, bottles, swabs, 24 hr urine bottles, Smear pots, needles and hubs at no charge, for samples being sent to the laboratory.

We have an on-site phlebotomy service. To book an appointment please phone: 01483 450388.

For regular or one-off collections we can provide a rapid courier service between clinics and the laboratory.

Sample Storage
Samples will be stored for a maximum of 7 days unless longer is required by national legislation. Please let us know if you require long term storage.

Home Visits
If a patient is unable to attend for a blood test we can arrange for a phlebotomist to go out to a patients home. There is a charge of £55.00.

Request Forms (Download: Request Form)
To minimise confusion and error in the laboratory we prefer user specific request forms, with an area devoted to common requests from a particular doctor or clinic. New users need to set this up or use our generic request form (link above). We require a minimum of 3 identifiers on the form and the samples. We suggest Forename, Surname and Date of Birth or Unique patient ID number (e.g.: NHS number). Please write the date and time of collection on the form and sample together with any relevant clinical information on the request form and clearly indicate the tests required.

Clinical Advice
The laboratory can provide specialist clinical advice and interpretation. Should you require this service please contact the laboratory and we will get a specialist to call you or provide you with a written comment.

Sample Transport
The way in which samples are transported to the laboratory depends on the type and speed of testing required. We can arrange for same day or overnight couriers, and postal services. Please contact the laboratory to arrange the best solution for your needs. All samples coming to the laboratory must be packaged to a high standard of containment and in such a way as to contain the contents in the event of a breakage if they are roughly handled or dropped. Pathology samples may contain infectious material and should be treated with care.
Samples should be transported in a suitable transport container designed for the purpose with sufficient absorbent material to absorb the entire liquid content. This should be placed in a zip lock bag. The request form should be placed in a separate pouch.
If the samples are being taken by hand to the laboratory they should be placed in either a transparent transport box (To allow examination prior to opening) with the lid securely sealed or a padded envelope. In the event of a leak being detected place the transport container in a plastic bag and take it directly to the laboratory for safe disposal.
If the samples are to be posted pack as above using a padded envelope and attach an address label with a UN3373 warning (Available from the laboratory). If a large number os samples need to be posted we can provide suitable transport boxes.

Results for most tests we carry out on site are normally available within 2 hours of arrival in the laboratory.
Report formats can be tailored to an individual clients requirements with single or cumulative versions available. We can also produce a graphical report for an individual test to show how values change over time. This is useful with tests such as tumour markers that are used to follow a patients treatment.
The normal/therapeutic/risk ranges are printed on the form and are adjusted for age and sex. All results outside these ranges are flagged and highlighted in red.
Our reports are printed on A4 paper and they can be posted, faxed or sent as an encrypted .pdf attachment to an e-mail.

Registered Address
Ashcombe Court
Woolsack Way

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