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Oct 2015

Burst exercise in Diabetes


'Burst' Exercise May Improve HbA1c, Lipids in Type 2 Diabetes
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PSA and Prostate Cancer


PSA Tests Cut Metastatic Prostate Cancer Rate by 50% Read More…

Testosterone Deficiency


The Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ) has posted their thoughts on Testosterone replacement therapy. Read More…

Supplements may be harmful if you have cancer


Research suggests that just as antioxidants protect healthy cell they may also protect cancer cells. Read More…

Fruit and Veg Prevent Heart Disease


Eating plenty of fruit and vegetables appears to lower your risk of heart disease. Read More…

Vitamin May Prevent Skin Cancer


Vitamin May Prevents Skin Cancer
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High Thyroid hormones linked to dementia


If your Thyroid hormones are on the high side you are at increased risk of dementia. Read More…

High Cholesterol leads to Tendonitis


Researchers have found that a high cholesterol level seems to be linked with tendonitis. Read More…

Couch Potatoes 1 - 0 Health Lobby

Couch Potatoe

Apparently no one did the research to prove that sitting was bad for you and now research at Exeter University has shown that being a couch potato is not bad for you. Read More…

Capillary testing withdrawn


The American Company Theranos has withdrawn all but one of its tests. Read More…

Measles outbreak kills 428


More than 400 dead in measles outbreak Read More…

Common Genetic Variant Linked to IVF Failure


A gene commonly found in women is strongly associated with abnormalities that can lead to the failure of in vitro fertilisation (IVF). Read More…

HRT is safe


At the 2015 meeting of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine scientists have given HRT the all clear and say that it is more beneficial than harmful.
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Gut Microbiome predicts Colon Cancer


Analysis of the microbiome surrounding colon cancer tumours could be used as a noninvasive screening test that is more sensitive and specific than faecal occult blood testing, according to the results of a new study.
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Diabetics who drink red wine have a healthier lipid profile

A glass of wine with dinner can improve lipid and glycemic control profiles in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus, suggests a small trial in Isreal. Read More…