Frequently Asked Questions about your blood test or pathology test

A complete blood testing service based in Guildford covering the United Kingdom

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Can I come to County Pathology to have my blood taken?
County Pathology has an on site phlebotomy service for both adults and children.
What time can I come to have blood taken?
County Pathology opens for blood taking at 08:30 Monday to Friday. We take the last samples at 16:00.
Do I need to prepare for my blood test?
Some blood tests do need to be taken at a specific time of day, or you may need to fast, or you may need to exclude certain foods and drugs or you may need to have taken a drug at a particular time. If you are not sure please ask when you make your appointment.
How can I pay for the test?
County Pathology is a recognised provider with all the health insurance companies. We also accept credit cards and cheques.
How long will it take to process my sample?
Most tests are processed the same day but unusual tests may be sent to a specialist laboratory which can take longer.
Is County Pathology Accredited?
County Pathology is accredited with CPA and the Health Care Commission.
Where is your Pathology Laboratory?
County Pathology is situated in Guildford, Surrey. But we cover the whole of the UK as we can send out blood taking kits for finger prick samples or vein samples.