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Private Blood Test Information for Patients

Our Services
County Pathology is a fully accredited independent diagnostic laboratory in Guildford.
We work with clinics, hospitals, and health screening companies across the country.
We can take blood on-site from both adults and children.
If you have a request from a clinician and would like to take advantage of our rapid high quality testing then please Contact us.
Our Solution
Come to us directly and we will take and test your blood the same day. We guarantee that our prices will be the lowest you will find. Typically half that you will pay at a private clinic or hospital.
To use our service you need to involve a professional who is qualified to interpret the results.
If you do not have a clinician and would like a test we can recommend a doctor who will be able to help you or you can order a test from one of the online suppliers below:
Further Information
Please see our User Guide for detailed instructions about using the laboratory.
If you would like further information or a quote then please Contact us.