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Blood Test

This list shows the range of tests available from County Pathology. To find a particular test you can type part of the test name into the search box and the list will reduce to those tests that contain your term. If you have a request from a doctor we are happy to undertake these tests for you. If you do not have a doctor please head over to one of these on-line suppliers:
TestSampleTurnaround (Days)
1-25 Vitamin DSerum (Frozen)5
11 DeoxycorticosteroneSerum (Frozen)10
11 DeoxycortisolSerum7
17 HydroxycorticosteroidsAcidified 24hr Urine7
17 HydroxyprogesteroneSerum5
17 Ketosteroids (DHEA)Acidified 24hr Urine3
17 Ketosteroids Fractionation24 hr Urine4
18 Hydroxy Corticosterone10ml Serum (Frozen)30
1p36 Deletion SyndromeEDTA10
2-Furoic AcidRandom Urine10
21 Hydroxylase AbsSerum (Frozen)10
5 HIAAAcidified 24hr Urine4
5 Fluorouracil Toxicity (DPD deficiency)EDTA5
5 NucleotidaseSerum4
Acetone - UrineRandom Urine4
Acetylcholine Receptor AutoantibodiesSerum Urgent3
Acid Phosphatase - TotalSerum3
Activated Protein C ResistanceCitrate (Frozen)3
Acute Viral Hepatitis ScreenSerum1
Adenovirus Antibodies (CFT)Serum2
Adrenal Cortex AntibodiesSerum2
Alcohol (Medical)Fluoride1
Alcohol (Urine)Random Urine1
Aldosterone (Urine)Acidified 24hr Urine3
Alkaline Phosphatase (ALP)Serum1
Allergy Screens - Individual AllergensSerum2
Alpha 1 Antitrypsin - StoolRandom Faeces5
Alpha 1 Antitrypsin (Gene Phenotype)EDTA5
Alpha 1 Antitrypsin (Serum)Serum3
Alpha 1 GlycoproteinSerum3
Alpha 1 MicroglobulinRandom Urine10
Alpha 2 MacroglobulinsSerum5
Alpha Feto Protein (AFP)Serum1
Alpha Feto Protein (Maternal)Serum1
ALT (Alanine Aminotransferase)Serum1
Alternaria ComponentsSerum3
Aluminium (Blood)Trace Metals7
Aluminium (Urine)Random Urine7
Amikacin Level (State dose)Serum-Urgent1
Amino Acid (Serum/Plasma)Serum7
Amino Acid Quantitative (Urine)Random Urine7
Amino Acid Screen (Urine)Random Urine7
Amino-Laevulinic Acid (Urine)24 hr Urine5
Aminolevulinic DehydrataseHeparin7
AmmoniaEDTA (Frozen)1
Amoebic (E. histolytica) AntibodiesSerum2
Amoebic (E. histolytica) AntigenRandom Faeces2
Amoxapine - TCA (Tricyclic Antidepressants)Serum4
Amphetamines - Blood10ml EDTA or Serum5
Amylase (Urine)24 hr Urine1
Amylase lsoenzymesSerum5
Amyloidosis (Serum Amyloid A)Serum5
Anafranil (Clomipramine)Serum7
ANCA (Anti-Neutrophil Cytoplasmic Abs)Serum2
Androstendiol Glucuronide-3 AlphaSerum10
AndrostenedioneSerum (Frozen)1
Angiotensin Converting EnzymeSerum1
Angiotensin IIEDTA (Frozen)7
Anti CCP Antibodies (RF)Serum2
Anti Sla (Soluble Liver Antigen) AbsSerum10
Anti-Actin AbsSerum2
Anti-Basal Ganglia AbsSerum10
Anti-Factor Xa (Heparin)Citrate3
Anti-Liver Cytosol AbsSerum3
Anti-Phosphatidyl ethanolamine IgMSerum14
Anti-Ri AntibodiesSerum3
Antidiuretic Hormone10ml EDTA (Frozen Plasma)10
Antimony (Urine)Random Urine10
Antimullerian HormoneSerum2
Antinuclear Antibodies (titre & pattern)Serum2
Antioxidant Status (total/activity)Serum7
Antisperm Antibodies (Serum)Serum5
Antistaphylolysin TitreSerum2
Antistreptolysin Titre/ASOTSerum2
Antisulfatide antibodiesSerum30
Antithrombin IIICitrate (Frozen)3
Apolipoprotein A1 (12 hrs fasting)Serum3
Apolipoprotein B (12 hrs fasting)Serum3
Apolipoprotein C3Serum10
Apolipoprotein ESerum5
Apolipoprotein E GenotypeEDTA5
Arbovirus Antibodies/AbsSerum10
Arsenic (Blood)EDTA or Heparin5
Arsenic (Urine)Random Urine5
Arylsulphatase AHeparin10
Ashkenazi Jewish Carrier Screen EDTA5
Aspergillus ComponentsSerum3
Aspergillus PrecipitinsSerum3
Atypical Antibody ScreenEDTA3
Atypical Pneumonia ScreenSerum2
Autoantibody Profile ISerum2
Autoantibody Profile IISerum2
Avian Precipitins (11 Species)Serum5
B12 vitaminSerum1
Barmah Forest SerologySerum10
Bartonella (IgG/IgM)Serum5
Bence-Jones Protein24 hr Urine3
Beta - GlucuronidaseHeparin14
Beta 2 Glycoprotein 1 Antibodies (IgG- IgM)Serum5
Beta 2 Microglobulin (Serum)Serum2
Beta 2 Microglobulin (Urine)Random Urine3
Beta CaroteneSerum-Protect from light5
Beta Globin SequencingEDTA21
Beta HCG (Oncology)Serum1
Beta HCG (Quantitative)Serum1
Beta Thalassaemia - beta-globin sequencing10ml EDTA42
Bile AcidSerum7
Bile Acids - UrineRandom Urine10
Bilharzia (Schistosome) Antibody ScreenSerum2
Bilharzia (Schistosome) AntigenSerum14
Bilharzia (Urine)Random Urine1
Bilharzia Antibody Confirmation (Elisa)Serum2
Bilirubin - Total/IndirectSerum1
Bilirubin (Urine)Random Urine1
Birch ComponentsSerum3
BK Polyoma Virus by PCRRandom Urine5
Bleeding Time/Platelet function assay10ml Citrate-Urgent1
Blood Culture2xBlood Culture-Urgent5
Blood Film ExaminationEDTA1
Blood Group (hand written tube & form)EDTA1
Bloom Syndrome - common c.2207-12 deletionEDTA5
BNP (NT-pro BNP)Serum1
Bone Alkaline PhosphataseSerum (Frozen)7
Bone Specific Alkaline PhosphataseSerum (Frozen)3
Borrelia Antibodies (Lyme Disease) IgG- IgMSerum2
Borrelia Antibodies (Lyme Disease) IgMSerum2
Borrelia Confirmation (Immunoblot)Serum10
Brucella AgglutinationsSerum2
Brucella ConfirmationSerum21
Butoxyacetic AcidRandom Urine10
C PeptideSerum3
C Reactive Protein (CRP)Serum1
C Reactive Protein (High Sensitivity)Serum1
C1 Esterase: Function & Total10ml Citrate-Urgent Frozen15
C1q Binding Immune Complex Serum3
C2 ComplementSerum10
C3 ComplementSerum2
C3 Nephritic FactorSerum21
C3 ProactivatorSerum (Frozen)4
C3/C4 ComplementSerum2
C4 ComplementSerum2
C8 ComplementSerum10
CA 125Serum1
CA 125/HE4Serum1
CA 15-3/CA 27-29Serum1
CA 19-9Serum1
CA 50Serum5
CA 72-4Serum5
Cadmium (Blood)EDTA or Heparin3
Cadmium (Urine)Random Urine3
CalcitoninSerum (Frozen)2
Calcium (24 hr Urine)Acidified 24hr Urine1
CalprotectinRandom Faeces4
Campylobacter Jejuni AntibodiesSerum5
Canavan Disease - 2 common Ashkenazi mutations p.Y231X + p.E285AEDTA5
Candida - SalivaSaliva10
Candida AntibodiesSerum5
Candida AntigenSerum5
Cannabinoids (Urine) ScreenRandom Urine1
Carbamazepine (Tegretol)Serum1
Carbohydrate Deficient Transferrin (CDT)Serum3
Carcino Embryonic Antigen/CEASerum1
Cardiac EnzymesSerum1
Cardiolipin Antibodies (IgG+IgM)Serum2
CarotenesSerum-Protect from light5
Cartilage AntibodiesSerum3
Cat ComponentsSerum3
Cat Scratch Fever (Bartonella IgG+IgM)Serum5
Catecholamines - PlasmaEDTA (Frozen)5
Catecholamines - UrineAcidified 24hr Urine5
CCP Antibodies (RF)Serum2
CD16 (NK Cells)EDTA-Urgent1
CD16/CD56/CD69 (NK Cells)Heparin-Urgent2
CD19 (NK Cells)EDTA-Urgent1
CD5 (NK Cells)EDTA-Urgent1
CD56 (NK Cells)EDTA-Urgent1
CD69 (NK Cells)Heparin-Urgent2
Centromere AutoantibodiesSerum2
CH50 (Classical pathway)Serum (Frozen)4
Chagas Disease Serology (S.American Trypanosomiasis) T. CruziSerum10
Chest Pain ProfileSerum1
Chikungunya Virus AbsSerum10
Chlamydia (PCR swab)PCR2
Chlamydia (Semen)Semen3
Chlamydia (Thin Prep)Thin Prep3
Chlamydia (Urine)First Catch Urine2
Chlamydia Species Specific Ab ScreenSerum2
Chlamydia/Gonorrhoea (PCR Swab)PCR2
Chlamydia/Gonorrhoea (Rectal)PCR2
Chlamydia/Gonorrhoea (Thin Prep)Thin Prep3
Chlamydia/Gonorrhoea (Throat)PCR2
Chlamydia/Gonorrhoea (Urine)First Catch Urine2
Cholinesterase (Red Cell)Heparin5
Cholinesterase (Serum/Pseudo)Serum3
Chromium (Blood)EDTA & Serum3
Chromium (Urine)Random Urine5
Chromogranin ASerum5
Chromosome Analysis (Blood)Heparin15
Chromosome Y Deletion - AZFa- AZFb- AZFc + SRYEDTA5
Chromosome/Karyotype (Blood)Heparin10
Chromsome/Karyotyping with Fragile X (Female)EDTA10
CIq Binding Immune ComplexSerum3
Citrate (Blood)Serum5
Citrate (Urine)24 hr Urine (Frozen)5
CK (MB Fraction)Serum1
CK IsoenzymesSerum5
Clomipramine (Anafranil)Serum7
Clostridium Difficile ToxinRandom Faeces2
Clotting ScreenCitrate-Urgent1
CMV Antigen (Urine)Random Urine8
Cobalt (Blood)Serum & EDTA5
Cobalt (Urine)Random Urine5
Cocaine (Urine) ScreenRandom Urine1
Coccidioikomycosis AbsSerum5
Coenzyme Q10Serum7
Collagen (Type I- II- IV) AntibodiesSerum10
Complement 4 binding proteinSerum (Frozen)10
Complement 6Serum21
Complement 7Serum21
Complement 8Serum21
Complement 9Serum7
Complement alternative pathwaySerum (Frozen)7
Complement C5Serum2
Complement ClqSerum3
Complex PSA (Prostate Specific Ag)Serum3
Coombs (Direct Antiglobulin Test)10ml EDTA1
Coombs Test - Indirect Antiglobulin TestEDTA2
Copper (Urine)24 hr Urine3
Cortisol (Urine)24 hr Urine3
Cortisol Binding GlobulinSerum (Frozen)10
Cortisone (Urine)24 hr Urine5
Cotinine (Saliva)Saliva2
Cotinine (Serum)Serum2
Cotinine (Urine)Random Urine2
Coxsackie Antibodies (IgM)Serum10
Creatine Kinase (CK- CPK)Serum1
Creatinine (Urine)24 hr Urine1
Creatinine ClearanceSerum- 24 Hr Urine1
Cryptococcal SerologySerum3
CryptosporidiumRandom Faeces2
Cryptosporidium Antigen DetectionRandom Faeces1
Cyclic Amp (Urine)24 hr Urine (Frozen)5
Cycloserine LevelSerum5
Cyclosporin (Monoclonal)EDTA1
Cyfra 21-1Serum7
Cystatin CSerum5
Cystic Fibrosis - 7 Ashkenazi Jewish mutationsEDTA5
Cystic Fibrosis Poly T (5T-7T-9T)EDTA & Mouthwash5
Cysticercosis (Taenia Solium) SerologySerum5
Cystine - Quantitative (Beta-CTX)24 hr Urine5
Cytomegalovirus (IgG/IgM) AntibodiesSerum1
Cytomegalovirus AviditySerum10
Cytomegalovirus DNA (PCR)EDTA5
Cytomegalovirus Early Antigen Detection (DEAFF)Random Urine8
Cytomegalovirus IgGSerum1
Cytomegalovirus IgMSerum1
D-Dimers (Fibrinogen Degradation Products)Heparin1
Dengue Virus SerologySerum5
Deoxypyridinoline (DPD) - SerumSerum2
Deoxypyridinoline (DPD) - UrineEarly Morning Urine4
DesmethylformamideRandom Urine10
DHEA - Urine (Dehydroepiandrosterone)24 hr Urine10
DHEA SulphateSerum1
Diazepam (Valium)Serum8
Dibucaine NumberSerum3
Dihydropyrimidine Dehydrogenase deficiency (5-FU Toxicity) - common mutation (IVS14+1G>A)EDTA5
Dihydrotestosterone10ml Serum5
Diphtheria AntibodiesSerum5
Direct Antiglobulin Test (Coombs)10ml EDTA1
Diuretic Screen - UrineRandom Urine3
DNA (Double Stranded) AntibodiesSerum2
DNA (Single Stranded) AntibodiesSerum5
DNA Extraction & Storage - 3 years (longer upon request)10ml EDTA10
DNA Fragmentation of semenSemen7
DNA Identity Profile - 15 STR markersEDTA10
Dog ComponentsSerum3
Drugs of Abuse Profile - With Chain of CustodyRandom Urine/CoC Collection Containers2
Drugs of Abuse Profile - Without Chain of CustodyRandom Urine2
Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy - deletions/duplicationsEDTA10
Early Detection Screen (10 post exposure)10ml EDTA3
Echinococcus (Hydatid) AntibodiesSerum2
Eczema Provoking ProfileSerum2
Egg ComponentsSerum3
Ehrlichiosis AntibodiesSerum10
Elastase (faecal)Random Faeces3
Electrolytes (Urine)24 hr Urine1
Electron Microscopy - For virus testingStool or any other sample10
ELF/Enhanced Liver FibrosisSerum4
Endomysial Antibodies (IgA)Serum2
Enteric Organism Rapid Antigen DetectionRandom Faeces2
Enterocyte IgG antibodySerum7
Enterovirus (Coxsackie IgM)Serum10
Enterovirus by PCREDTA5
Enterovirus ScreenSerum2
Eosinophil Cationic Protein (ECP)Serum3
Epanutin (Phenytoin)Serum1
Epidermolysis Bullosa Simplex (KRT5- KRT14)EDTA42
Epidermolytic hyperkeratosis (KRT1- KRT10)EDTA42
Epidermolytic PPK of Vörner (KRT9)EDTA42
Epilim (Valproic Acid)Serum1
Epitestosterone - Urine24 hr Urine30
Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV-DNA)EDTA4
Epstein-Barr Virus AntibodiesSerum2
Essential Fatty Acid Profile (RBC)10ml EDTA8
Extractable Nuclear Antibodies (nRNP- Sm- Ro -La- Jo1- Scl70)Serum2
Eye Swabs - Viral PCRPCR4
Factor 2 Assay Citrate (Frozen)3
Factor 5 AssayCitrate (Frozen)3
Factor HSerum14
Factor II Prothrombin GeneEDTA3
Factor IX AssayCitrate (Frozen)3
Factor V Leiden EDTA3
Factor VII AssayCitrate (Frozen)3
Factor VIII AssayCitrate (Frozen)3
Factor VIII Inhibiting AbCitrate (Frozen)3
Factor X AssayCitrate (Frozen)3
Factor XI AssayCitrate (Frozen)3
Factor XII AssayCitrate (Frozen)3
Factor XIIICitrate (Frozen)3
Faecal ElastaseRandom Faeces3
Faecal Occult Blood/FOBRandom Faeces1
Faecal Sugar ChromatographyRandom Faeces (Frozen )10
Faecal TrypsinRandom Faeces5
Faecal UrobilinogenRandom Faeces2
Fanconi Anaemia - common Ashkenazimutation IVS4+4A>TEDTA5
Farmers Lung PrecipitinsSerum5
Fat Globules In FaecesRandom Faeces3
Felbamate (Felbatol)Serum7
Fibrinogen Degradation Products (D-Dimers)Heparin1
Filaria (Lymphatic and Non-Lymphatic) AntibodiesSerum14
Flecainide (Tambocor)Serum5
Fluid CultureSterile Container2
Fluid for Microscopy PolarizingSterile Container1
Fluoride (Urine)Random Urine5
Fluoxetine (Prozac)Serum5
Fluvoxamine (Faverin)Serum7
Folate (RBC)EDTA2
Folate (Serum)Serum1
Free Cortisol (Urine)24 hr Urine3
Free Fatty AcidsSerum (Frozen)5
Free T3Serum1
Free T4Serum1
Fructose - PlasmaFluoride-Urgent Frozen2
Full Blood Count (FBC)EDTA1
Full Porphyrin Screen(EDTA- Random Urine- Random Faeces )10
Galactose-1-Phosphate UridyltransferaseHeparin21
Galactosidase - Alpha (There Is Also A Beta)Heparin30
Gall Stone AnalysisStone10
Gamma GT (GGT)Serum1
Ganglioside GM1- GD1B- GQ1B AbsSerum5
Gardnerella vaginalis (PCR Swab)PCR5
Gardnerella vaginalis (Thin Prep)Thin Prep5
Gardnerella vaginalis (Urine)First Catch Urine5
Gastric Parietal AutoantibodiesSerum2
GastrinSerum (Frozen)3
Gaucher Disease - 5 common mutationsEDTA5
Gentamicin AssaySerum-Urgent1
Giardia Antigen (Fresh Stool)Random Faeces2
Giardia SerologySerum5
Gliadin Antibodies (IgA + IgG)Serum2
Glomerular Basement Membrane AbsSerum2
Glutamic Acid Decarboxylase Antibodies (GAD 65)Serum3
Glutathione (Red Cell)Heparin5
Glutathione PeroxidaseHeparin3
Glutathione S TransferaseSerum5
Gluten Sensitivity EvaluationSerum2
Glycan DeterminantsSerum3
Glycosylated HBEDTA1
Gonococcal Fixation TestSerum5
Gonorrhoea (PCR swab)PCR2
Gonorrhoea (Thin Prep)Thin Prep3
Gonorrhoea (Urine)First Catch Urine2
Group B Strep2xSwab2
Growth Hormone (Fasting)Serum1
H. pylori Antibodies (IgG)Serum2
H. pylori Antigen (Stool)Random Faeces2
H1N1 (Swine Flu)2xPCR Swab3
Haemochromatosis - HFE common mutations C282Y + H63DEDTA3
Haemoglobin ElectrophoresisEDTA4
Haemophilus Influenzae B AntibodiesSerum5
Haemosiderin - UrineRandom Urine14
Hair Mineral Analysis2g (2 tbsp) of hair close to scalp7
Hams Test for PNH (CD59)EDTA-Urgent5
Hantavirus SerologySerum10
Hazel ComponentsSerum3
HDL CholesterolSerum1
Hepatitis (Acute) ScreenSerum1
Hepatitis A (IgM)Serum1
Hepatitis A ImmunitySerum1
Hepatitis A ProfileSerum1
Hepatitis A- B & C ProfileSerum1
Hepatitis B e Antigen and AntibodySerum1
Hepatitis B (PCR) GenotypeEDTA7
Hepatitis B Core Antibody - IgMSerum1
Hepatitis B Core Antibody - TotalSerum1
Hepatitis B DNA (Viral load)Serum & EDTA5
Hepatitis B DNA by PCR (Qualitative)EDTA5
Hepatitis B ImmunitySerum1
Hepatitis B ProfileSerum1
Hepatitis B Resistant MutationEDTA7
Hepatitis B Surface AntibodySerum1
Hepatitis B Surface AntigenSerum1
Hepatitis C (Quantification)Serum & EDTA4
Hepatitis C Abs Confirmation (RIBA)Serum7
Hepatitis C AntibodiesSerum1
Hepatitis C GenotypeEDTA5
Hepatitis Delta AntibodySerum5
Hepatitis Delta AntigenSerum5
Hepatitis Delta RNASerum (Frozen)3
Hepatitis E AntibodySerum5
Hepatitis G (PCR)Serum (Frozen)14
HER 2 NeuSerum10
Herpes I/II Antibody Profile (IgG)Serum2
Herpes simplex I/II (FCRU)First Catch Urine5
Herpes Simplex I/II (PCR swab)PCR5
Herpes Simplex I/II (Semen)Semen5
Herpes Simplex I/II (TPV)Thin Prep5
Herpes Simplex I/II IgMSerum2
Hippuric Acid - UrineRandom Urine3
Hirsutism ProfileSerum1
HistamineEDTA-Whole blood5
Histamine (Urine)Random Urine5
Histamine Releasing Urticaria TestSerum14
Histone AntibodiesSerum5
HIV 1 Proviral (Cellular) DNA by PCR From Day 10 Post-ContactEDTA5
HIV 1 RNA Quantitation (viral load) (By branched DNA techniques)EDTA5
HIV Confirmation of Positive Screens (Using 3 methodologies)Serum1
HIV Drug Resistance GenotypingEDTA21
HIV Screening: HIV1&2 Abs/p24 AgSerum1
HIV1/HIV2/HBV/HCV Early Detection Screen10ml EDTA3
Homocysteine (Quantitative)Serum-Urgent1
Homocystine (Urine)24 hr Urine7
Homovanillic Acid (HVA)Acidified 24hr Urine5
House Dust Mite ComponentsSerum3
HPV (20 individual low & high risk DNA subtypes)PCR/Thin Prep5
HPV (DNA and reflexed mRNA) by PCRThin Prep5
HPV (Four DNA types: 6- 11- 16- 18)Thin Prep5
HPV (mRNA only)Thin Prep3
HRT Profile 1Serum1
HTLV 1&2 Abs. (Human T Lymphotropic Virus Type I-II)Serum2
Human Anti-Mouse AbsSerum10
Human Herpes Virus - 6 (IgG/IgM) AbSerum2
Human Herpes Virus - 6 by PCREDTA5
Human Herpes Virus - 8 (IgG)Serum10
Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV 1) Proviral- cellular DNAEDTA-Urgent5
Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV 1) RNA Quantitation (viral load)EDTA-Urgent7
Human Placental LactogenSerum10
Human Provirus B19 - DNAEDTA7
HVS (inc. Mycoplasma + Ureaplasma)Swab2
Hyaluronic AcidSerum4
Hydroxybutyrate DehydrogenaseSerum (Frozen)3
IgE (Total)Serum1
IgE to SalicylatesSerum3
IGF-1 (Somatomedin)Serum (Frozen)1
IgG SubclassesSerum3
Immuno Reactive TrypsinSerum (Frozen)10
ImmunoCAP ISAC (103 recombinant components)Serum10
Immunoglobulin ASerum1
Immunoglobulin DSerum3
Immunoglobulin GSerum1
Immunoglobulin MSerum1
Immunoglobulins (IgG- IgM- IgA)Serum1
Indicans (Urine)Random Urine3
Individual AllergensSerum2
Infertility Profile (Female)Serum1
Infertility Profile (Male) 1Serum1
Influenza ScreenSerum2
Inhibin BSerum (Day 3 of cycle)4
Insect/Worm/Ova/CystsSend Specimen5
Insulin AntibodiesSerum3
Interferon - Alpha (Used In Anti Viral Therapy)Serum (Frozen)7
Interferon - GammaSerum (Frozen)10
Interleukin 1 - BetaSerum (Frozen)7
Interleukin 10Serum (Frozen)7
Interleukin 2Serum (Frozen)7
Interleukin 6Serum (Frozen)7
Intrinsic Factor AntibodiesSerum3
Iodine - Serum (Protein bound)Serum7
Iodine - Urine24 hr Urine (Frozen)4
Iron - Urine24 hr Urine3
Iron Binding CapacitySerum1
Iron Overload ProfileEDTA & Serum3
Iron Status ProfileSerum1
Islet Cell AntibodiesSerum2
Isocyanates - UrineRandom Urine14
Itraconazole (Sporanox)Serum5
IUCD for CultureSend Device10
Ketamine ScreenRandom Urine10
Kryptopyrroles (Urine)Random Urine10
Lactate (Plasma)Fluoride-Urgent Frozen1
Lactate Dehydrogenase (LDH)Serum1
Latex (RF) TestSerum1
Latex ComponentsSerum3
LDH lsoenzymesSerum5
Lead (Blood)EDTA or Heparin-Protect from light3
Lead (Urine)Random Urine3
Legionella AntibodiesSerum2
Legionella Urine AntigenRandom Urine1
Leishmania AntibodiesSerum2
Leishmania Blood FilmEDTA1
Leptospirosis (Weils Disease) Abs (IgM)Serum5
Leucine Amino PeptidaseSerum5
Levetiracetam (Keppra)Serum3
Lipid ProfileSerum1
Lipid Transfer ProteinsSerum3
Lipoprotein (a)Serum1
Lipoprotein ElectrophoresisSerum3
Listeria AntibodySerum4
Liver Fibrosis Profile10ml Serum4
Liver Function TestsSerum1
Liver Kidney Microsomal AntibodiesSerum2
Liver Soluble AntigenSerum14
LSDRandom Urine5
Lupus Anticoagulant and Anticardiolipin AbsSerum- 10ml Citrate2
Lupus Anticoagulant onlyCitrate2
Luteinising Hormone (LH)Serum1
Lyme Disease (Borrelia Abs) IgG- IgMSerum2
Lyme Disease (Borrelia Abs) IgMSerum2
Lymphocyte Immunophenotyping (Leukaemia)EDTA2
Lymphocyte Subsets (CD4/CD8)EDTA2
Lymphocytotoxic AbsSerum7
Lysosomal Enzyme Screen (Includes Wbc Enzymes)Heparin28
Lysozyme - SerumSerum3
Magnesium (Blood)Serum1
Magnesium (Red Cell)Heparin3
Magnesium (Urine)Acidified 24hr Urine2
Malarial Antibodies (Pl. falciparum)Serum2
Malarial Antibodies (species specific)Serum14
Malarial ParasitesEDTA1
Male Infertility Profile 1Serum1
Manganese (Blood)Serum5
Mannan / Mannose binding LectinSerum7
MBOCA in UrineRandom Urine7
Measles Antibodies (IgG) ImmunitySerum2
Measles Antibodies (IgM)Serum5
Measles- Mumps- Rubella (MMR)Serum2
Mefloquine (Lariam)Serum10
Melatonin (Serum)Serum5
Melatonin (Urine)24 hr Urine7
Melleril (Thioridazine) (Therapeutic Drug Assay)Serum7
Meningococcal AbsSerum21
Menopause ProfileSerum1
Mercury (Blood)EDTA5
Mercury (Urine)Random Urine5
Metabolic ScreenRandom Urine (Frozen)21
Metanephrines (Plasma)EDTA (Frozen)10
Metanephrines (Urine)Acidified 24hr Urine3
MethaqualoneRandom Urine5
Methylmalonic AcidSerum10
Metronidazole LevelSerum7
Microalbumin (Urine)Random Urine2
Microfilaria Blood FilmEDTA1
Miller-Dieker Syndrome - karyotype + FISHHeparin12
Mineral Screen - Red CellsHeparin whole blood3
Mitochondrial AntibodiesSerum2
Molybdenum (Serum)Serum5
MTHFR - common C677T mutationEDTA3
MucopolysaccharidesRandom Urine (Frozen)28
Mumps Antibodies (IgG)Serum2
Mumps Antibodies (IgG/IgM)Serum2
Musk - Antibodies (Muscle Specific Receptor Kinase Abs)Serum60
Myasthenia Gravis EvaluationSerum5
Mycobacterium tuberculosis - DNAEDTA5
Mycology/Skin ScrapingsSubmit Sample21
Mycophenolic Acid (Mycophenolate / Cellcept)EDTA7
Mycoplasma genitalium (PCR Swab)PCR5
Mycoplasma genitalium (Thin Prep)Thin Prep5
Mycoplasma genitalium (Urine)First Catch Urine5
Mycoplasma pneumoniae (IgG/IgM)Serum3
Mycoplasma pneumoniae Antibodies (IgM)Serum3
Mycoplasma species - DNAEDTA5
Mycoplasma/Ureaplasma CultureRandom Urine2
Myelin Associated Glycoprotein AntibodiesSerum5
Myeloperoxidase Antibodies Serum2
Myocardial AntibodiesSerum3
Myoglobin (Serum)Serum1
Myoglobin (Urine)Random Urine10
Mysoline (Primidone)Serum3
N Gonorrhoea (PCR Swab)PCR2
N Gonorrhoea (Thin Prep)Thin Prep4
N Gonorrhoea (Urine)First Catch Urine2
N Gonorrhoea by CultureSwab2
N-Acetyl-B-GlucosaminidaseRandom Urine3
Narcolepsy (HLA DRB1*15/DQB1*06)EDTA10
Natural Killer Profile10ml EDTA2
Needle Stick Injury Profile10ml Serum1
Neopterin Assay (Monitor HIV Infection)Serum7
Netilmicin Assay (Pre & Post)Serum3
Neuronal Antibody (Hu- Ri- Yo- Cv2- Ma2)Serum3
Neuronal Antibody (Hu)Serum3
Neurone Specific EnolaseSerum10
Niacin - BloodHeparin10
Nickel (Blood)Serum5
Nickel (Urine)Random Urine5
Norovirus (Norwalk-Like Virus)Random Faeces3
Nucleic Acid Antigen AntibodiesSerum2
Oculopharyngeal muscular dystrophy (PABPN1)EDTA28
Oestradiol (Stimulated)Serum1
Oestradiol by RIASerum3
Oestriol (Estriol)10ml Serum3
Oestrone10ml Serum3
Olive ComponentsSerum3
Omega 3/Omega 6EDTA4
Omega 3/Omega 6 (RBC)10ml EDTA5
Omega 3/Omega 6 (Serum)10ml Serum5
Opiate Screen (Urine)Random Urine1
Ornithin (Amino-Acid)Serum3
Orosomucoid (A1AG - Alpha 1 Glycoprotein)Serum3
Osmolality (Serum)Serum1
Osmolality (Urine)Random Urine1
OsteocalcinSerum (Frozen)4
Osteoporosis Screen10ml Serum4
Ovarian AutoantibodiesSerum2
Ovarian Reserve Profile (Day 3)10ml Serum4
Oxalate (Serum)Serum (Frozen)7
Oxalate (Urine)Acidified 24hr Urine3
Oxcarbazepine (Trileptal)Serum3
PAP (Thin Prep)Thin Prep3
Paraprotein StudiesSerum4
Parathyroid Hormone (Whole)EDTA1
Parvovirus Antibodies (IgM)Serum2
Parvovirus DNA by PCREDTA7
Parvovirus IgG AntibodiesSerum2
Parvovirus IgG/IgM AbsSerum2
Paul Bunnell/IM Screen/MonospotEDTA1
Pemphigus/Pemphigoid AutoantibodiesSerum2
Pertussis (Whooping Cough) AntibodiesSerum5
Pertussis by PCRThroat swab3
Pethidine - UrineRandom Urine5
PhencylideneRandom Urine5
Phenytoin (Epanutin)Serum1
Phosphate (24 hr Urine)Acidified 24hr Urine1
Phospholipid AntibodiesSerum2
Pituitary AntibodiesSerum30
Pituitary Function Profile10ml Serum1
Placental Alkaline PhosphatateSerum3
Plasma ViscosityEDTA3
PlasminogenCitrate (Frozen)5
Platelet CountEDTA1
Platelet Function Assay 10010ml Citrate1
Pleural Fluid for CultureSterile Container2
Pneumococcal Antibody ScreenSerum5
Pneumococcal AntigenRandom Urine1
Pneumonia (Atypical) ScreenSerum2
Polio Virus 1- 2- 3 AntibodiesSerum20
Poly T (5T-7T-9T) - cystic fibrosis geneEDTA5
Porphobilinogen DeaminaseEDTA21
Porphyrin - BloodEDTA10
Porphyrin Screen - UrineRandom Urine10
Porphyrins - FaecesRandom Faeces10
Porphyrins Screen - Total: Urine- Stool- Blood(EDTA- Random Urine- Random Faeces )10
PR-10 ProteinsSerum3
Pregnadiol (Urine)24 hr Urine3
Pregnancy Test (Urine)Early Morning Urine1
Pregnanetriol (Urine)24 hr Urine (Frozen)5
Primidone (Mysoline)Serum3
ProcalcitoninSerum (Frozen)3
Procollagen I Peptide N-Terminal NTxSerum3
Procollagen III PeptideSerum3
Progesterone AntibodiesSerum30
ProinsulinSerum (Frozen)5
Prolactin (Macro)Serum4
PropoxypheneRandom Urine5
Prostate Profile (Total & Free PSA)Serum1
Prostate Specific Antigen (Total)/PSASerum1
Prostatic Acid PhosphataseSerum (Frozen)3
Protein (Urine)24 hr Urine1
Protein CCitrate (Frozen)3
Protein ElectrophoresisSerum4
Protein SCitrate (Frozen)3
Protein Total (Blood)Serum1
Proteinase 3 AntibodiesSerum2
Prothiaden (Dothiepin HCL)Serum10
Prothrombin TimeCitrate1
Prothrombin Time + DoseCitrate1
Psittacosis AntibodiesSerum3
Purkinje Cell Antibody (Yo)Serum5
Pyruvate KinaseEDTA3
Q Fever (C Burnetti) AntibodiesSerum3
Quantiferon TB GoldSpecial tubes3
Rabies AntibodySerum10
Rapid Strep (incl. m/c/s)Swab2
Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS)Semen1
Recurrent Miscarriage Profile (female)10ml EDTA- 10ml Serum- 10ml Citrate 10ml Heparin10
Red Cell FolateEDTA2
Red Cell MagnesiumHeparin5
Red Cell ZincHeparin3
Reducing Substances (Stool)Random Faeces3
Reducing Substances (Urine)Random Urine7
Renal Calculi Screen (Blood and Urine)Serum- 24 Hr Urine5
Renal Stone AnalysisStone5
ReninEDTA (Frozen)3
Respiratory Synctial VirusSerum2
Respiratory Viral ScreenSerum2
Reticulin Antibodies (IgA)Serum2
Reticulocyte CountEDTA1
Retinol Binding ProteinSerum3
Retrograde EjaculationSemen2
Reverse T3Serum (Frozen)30
Rheumatoid Factor (Latex Test)Serum1
Rhinitis Provoking ProfileSerum2
Rickettsial Species AntibodiesSerum2
Rickettsial Species Antibody ProfileSerum2
Ristocetin Cofactor AssayCitrate (Frozen)5
Rose Waaler (RF)Serum1
Ross River Virus SerologySerum10
Rotavirus in StoolRandom Faeces1
Rubella Antibody (IgG)Serum1
Rubella Antibody (IgM)Serum2
Rubella Avidity (IgG)Serum3
S100 Malignant MelanomaSerum4
Saccharomyces Cerevisiae AntibodiesSerum7
Salivary IgA - SecretorySaliva3
Salmonella AbsSerum2
Schistosome (Bilharzia) AntibodiesSerum2
Schistosome AntigenSerum14
Seed Storage ProteinsSerum3
Selenium (Red Cell)Heparin4
Selenium (Serum)Serum4
Sellotape TestSend Sample1
Semen (Chlamydia trachomatis by PCR)Semen4
Semen Analysis- Post-VasectomySemen2
Semen Analysis- Vasectomy ReversalSemen2
Semen CultureSemen2
Semen Electron MicroscopySemen28
Semen With Aneuploidy (Fish)Semen7
Semen- FructoseSemen2
Serotonin (Urine)24 hr Urine (Frozen)7
Serum AlbuminsSerum3
Serum Free Light ChainsSerum4
Serum QuinidineSerum5
Sex Hormone Binding Globulin/SHBGSerum1
Shigella AbsSerum3
Shrimp ComponentsSerum3
Sickle CellsEDTA2
Silver - UrineRandom Urine3
Sinequan (Doxepin)Serum10
Sjögren-Larsson syndrome (FALDH)EDTA42
Sjrogrens SyndromeSerum2
Skin (Pemphigus/Pemphigoid) AutoantibodiesSerum2
Skin Scrapings/MycologySend Sample21
Skin/Mucosal Swab - Viral PCRPCR4
Sleeping Sickness Serology (African Trypanosomiasis)Serum3
Smith-Magenis Syndrome - karyotype + FISHHeparin12
Smith-Magenis Syndrome - MLPA onlyEDTA10
Smooth Muscle AntibodiesSerum2
Somatomedin (IGF-1)Serum (Frozen)1
Soybean ComponentsSerum3
Specific Gravity (Urine)Random Urine1
Sperm AneuploidySemen7
Sperm Antibodies (Semen)Semen3
Sperm Antibodies (Serum)Serum5
Sperm Count (Post-Vasectomy)Semen2
Sperm DNA Fragementation and AneupliodySemen10
Sperm DNA FragmentationSemen7
Sperm MorphologySemen2
Spinal Muscular Atrophy - SMN1 deletions/duplicationsEDTA10
Sputum for Routine CultureSterile Container2
Sputum for TB CultureSterile Container56
Squamous Cell CarcinomaSerum4
SRY (Sex-determining Region Y)EDTA2
STD5 Bloods OnlySerum1
STD6 Bloods OnlySerum1
STD9 Symptomatic Lesion Sample using PCR SwabPCR4
Steatocystoma multiplex (KRT17)EDTA42
Steroid Cell AntibodySerum2
Stool for OCP and CultureRandom Faeces3
Stool for OVA Cysts & ParasitesRandom Faeces1
Stool Reducing SubstancesRandom Faeces3
Streptococcal DNase BSerum3
Striated/Skeletal Muscle AntibodySerum2
Strongyloides AntibodiesSerum10
Sulphate - Urine24 hr Urine3
Sulphite - UrineRandom Urine4
Swab for Culture (Any Site)Swab2
Synovial Fluid (For Crystals)Sterile Container1
Syphilis by PCR (chancre)PCR3
Syphilis IgG/IgMSerum1
Tacrolimus/Prograf (FK506)EDTA2
TB (pleuralfluid)Sterile Container56
TB CultureSterile Container42
TB Culture (Urine)3xEarly Morning Urine56
TB Quantiferon®-TB GoldSpecial tubes3
Tegretol (Carbamazepine)Serum1
Teicoplanin AssaySerum3
Telomeric screen - deletions/duplicationsEDTA10
Telomeric screen (multi FISH)Heparin21
Testicular AutoantibodiesSerum2
Testicular Tumour ProfileSerum1
Testosterone - Urine24 hr Urine7
Testosterone (Bioavailable)Serum5
Testosterone (Free)Serum3
Tetanus ScreenSerum3
Thalassaemia ScreenEDTA3
Thallium (Blood)EDTA or Heparin4
Thallium (Urine)Random Urine4
Thiazide Screen - UrineRandom Urine10
Thiopurine Methyl Transferase10ml EDTA10
Thrombin TimeCitrate1
Thymidine KinaseSerum14
Thyroglobulin AssaySerum1
Thyroglobulin AutoantibodiesSerum2
Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies/Anti TPO/ATASerum1
Thyroxine (T4)Serum1
Thyroxine Binding GlobulinSerum (Frozen)10
Timothy Grass ComponentsSerum3
Tissue Plasminogen ActivatorCitrate (Frozen)30
Tissue Polypeptide AntigenSerum3
Tissue Transglutaminase IgA (Coeliac)Serum2
Tissue Transglutaminase IgGSerum2
TNF (Tumour Necrosis Factor)Serum (Frozen)10
Tobramycin Assay (Provide Clinical Details)Serum2
Toluene (Blood)Heparin10
Toluene (Urine)Random Urine14
Topiramate (Topamax)Serum4
Torch ScreenSerum2
Total Antioxidant Activity (Free Radical Activity)Serum5
Total Bile AcidSerum7
Total Bile Acid/Bile SaltsSerum7
Total IgESerum1
Total ImmunoglobulinSerum1
Toxocara Antibodies (IgG)Serum5
Toxoplasma Antibodies (IgG+IgM)Serum2
Toxoplasma Antibody Full Evaluation (IgM- Dye Test- IgG Avidity)Serum30
Toxoplasma gondii organism - (DNA) by PCREDTA5
TPHA (Treponemal Serology)Serum2
Transcobalamin IISerum30
Trichinella SerologySerum3
Trichloracetic Acid (Urine)Random Urine5
Trichomonas vaginalis (PCR Swab)PCR5
Trichomonas vaginalis (Thin Prep)Thin Prep5
Trichomonas vaginalis (Urine)First Catch Urine5
Trimethylaminuria (Fish Odour Syndrome)Acidified 24hr Urine28
Tropical Screen10ml Serum7
Troponin ISerum2
Troponin THeparin1
Trypanosome (Chagas) AntibodiesSerum10
TSH-Receptor AntibodiesSerum4
Tularaemia AntibodiesSerum3
Tumour Necrosis Factor (TNF)Serum (Frozen)10
Urate (Uric Acid)Serum1
Urea (Urine)24 hr Urine1
Urea Electrolytes (Urine)24 hr Urine1
Ureaplasma urealyticum (PCR Swab)PCR5
Ureaplasma urealyticum (Thin Prep)Thin Prep5
Ureaplasma urealyticum (Urine)First Catch Urine5
Ureaplasma/Mycoplasma CultureRandom Urine2
Uric Acid (Urine)24 hr Urine1
Urine (Microscopy Only)Random Urine1
Urine for Microscopy and CultureRandom Urine2
Urine GlycosaminoglycansRandom Urine10
Urine Laxative Screen24 hr Urine3
Urine Mandelic AcidRandom Urine14
Urine Melatonin24 hr Urine3
Urine MercuryRandom Urine3
Urine MyoglobinRandom Urine10
Urine Organic AcidsRandom Urine (Frozen)10
Urine Steroid Screen24 hr Urine10
Urine Sulphonylurea ScreenRandom Urine14
Urobilinogen (Urine)Random Urine1
Valium (Diazepam)Serum10
Valproic Acid (Epilim)Serum1
VanadiumRandom Urine10
Vancomycin HydrochlorideSerum1
Varicella PCRPCR7
Varicella Zoster - DNAEDTA5
Varicella zoster Antibodies (IgG)Serum1
Varicella zoster Antibodies (IgM)Serum2
Vasculitis ScreenSerum2
Venlafaxine (Effexor)Serum7
Very Long Chain Fatty AcidsEDTA or Heparin10
Vigabatrin (Sabril)Serum10
Viral Antibody Screen10ml Serum2
Viscosity (Plasma)EDTA3
Vitamin A (Retinol)Serum5
Vitamin B (Functional)10ml EDTA4
Vitamin B Profile10ml EDTA or Serum4
Vitamin B1 (Thiamine)EDTA4
Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin)EDTA6
Vitamin B3 (Nicotinamide)Serum5
Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine)EDTA4
Vitamin B9 (Folic acid) - Red cellEDTA2
Vitamin B9 (Folic acid) - SerumSerum1
Vitamin CSerum3
Vitamin D (1- 25 Dihydroxy)Serum (Frozen)3
Vitamin D (25-OH)Serum1
Vitamin E (Alpha Tocopherol)Serum7
Vitamin KSerum10
VLDL CholesterolSerum7
VMAAcidified 24hr Urine3
Voltage Gated Calcium Channel AntibodiesSerum14
Von Willebrand ProfileCitrate (Frozen)5
Wall Pellitory ComponentsSerum3
Water for bacteriologySend Sample10
Weil Felix (Rickettsia) AntibodiesSerum2
West Nile Virus AbsSerum7
White Cell FragilityHeparin5
Widal Agglutinations (Typhoid)Serum2
Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome - karyotype/FISHEDTA12
Xanthine Urine24 hr Urine7
Xylene UrineRandom Urine10
Y chromosome microdeletions – AZFa+AZFb+AZFc+SRYEDTA5
Yellow Fever AntibodiesSerum5
Yersinia AntibodiesSerum3
Zinc (Blood)Trace Metals1
Zinc (Plasma)Trace Metals7
Zinc (Red Cell)Heparin5
Zinc (Serum)Trace Metals1
Zinc (Urine)24 hr Urine3
Zinc ProtoporphyrinEDTA4
Zopiclone (Zimovane)Serum7